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Insight On Canton Fair (Chinas Most Popular Exhibition)

Since 1957, twice a year in the season of autumn and spring, the business community of the world witnessed one of the largest Business Exhibition in the city of Guangzhou Guangdong Province, a city adjacent to the north-west of Hong Kong on the Pearl River.
Insight on Canton Fair

Since 1957, twice a year in the season of autumn and spring, the business community of the world witnessed one of the largest Business Exhibition in the city of Guangzhou Guangdong Province, a city adjacent to the north-west of Hong Kong on the Pearl River.

Guangzhou is consider one of the important cities in china for not only its business ethics but also for the astonishing sites and sea view, with the population of about 11 Million, leafy streets, and grand Mansions, which shows its rich cultural legacy  as a foreign acknowledgment.

You are standing at the entrance of the red carpet to one of the biggest Chinese business prospects anywhere. China Import and Export fair or commonly known as CANTON FAIR held biannually in Guangzhou city at China import and Export Fair Complex. This Exhibition has 3 phases of 5 Days in each season. About 24000 Businesses exhibit here on the exhibit space of 1,180,000 M2 covering around 50+ Products in the 10+ different Industries.

“With the oldest history, the finest scale, the complete in exhibit diversity, the largest division of overseas buyers and the greatest business turnover in China” With record attendance last year, it has also become one of the most competitive trade fairs.

With the past history of about half  century, Canton fair is one of the most important Chinese business events which grows as a symbol of prosperity between China & and rest of the world, which not only supports the Chinese economy but it also helps to open the door of the Chinese market to the world. Business tycoons from around the world not only come to visit & exhibit but also come to get in touch with the latest business trends, market research, in & out of the Industry, new inventions and better innovations. 

Canton fair not only hosts the multi-national Chinese and foreign companies but it also provides equal opportunities to the Small and medium scale industries not only to grow in the Chinese market but also to get world exposure.

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